When people find out that you work in the media, they seem to conjure up this image of glamour in your life.

That used to be true on some days before I had children, especially if there was a beauty launch or a wine and dine contacts event. Now I’m a ‘mum in media’ all that’s changed.

We been taking on new clients these last few months and have more potential leads to follow up. Things are looking very positive for the company and it’s encouraging that there are openings out there in this difficult economic climate.

However, not all the family see it like that.

Never mind the importance of your client or a looming deadline. What matters to ‘the little people’ is whether you’ve met their agenda. In a week when two ballet exams, a birthday party, extra dance practice and World Book Day feature, there’s little downtime for this mum.

Schools are big on dressing up and theme days and all three of my children enjoy nothing more. One of the children is biting his nails because his outfit we ordered through Amazon (to save time) hasn’t arrived yet. Another has been busy customising her wardrobe and ripping tights to get the right effect. And at least she’s doing it herself. I’ve just spent an hour plaiting my eldest’s slightly damp hair in preparation for creating the big frizz effect she wants for her World Book Day character.

Just when I thought I’d slotted in every extra practice and activity, along comes an impromptu school Bingo evening too. And, of course, my boy is desperate to go. Did he say it loud enough? No, “DESPERATE!” shouts he. It’s the best thing he’s heard about this year – he must go! That’s Friday evening written off.

There’s a sleepover on Saturday night too, with a bunch of ten year olds. To all of you uninitiated in the ways of these things, a sleepover is the opposite of what it sounds like. There is very little sleep to be had by the entire household and everyone wanders around the next day looking like they’ve got a severe hangover – even if it’s only from eating too many sweets during the essential midnight feast.

When I bought my smart phone last year I had the sensation of being very grown up, at the leading edge of the market. I pictured myself flashing it around, looking sophisticated and modern. Well, the reality of my life has sunk in. My very up-to-date phone has become essential, but not just to keep abridge of contacts and business appointments. It’s vital for masterminding the after school activities for each child. Now I’ve got it, I rely on it to schedule my life. I wonder how I ever managed with a mere five-person calendar.

So, working mother in media, good. A life full of glamour and excitement? Well, Bingo’s beckoning with my boy…