11.11.11 – does this date frighten you?

As all the one’s line up and 11.11.11 is here there are theories abounding that the date is really powerful.

Rationally it means nothing but I’m finding that I’m taking an interest when I come across I mentions of it in the media. Have I lost my mind? I can’t be the only person feeling like this, surely.

I’m beginning to wonder if my thoughts have been influenced by one of the greatest ‘word of mouth’ PR campaigns that was never been launched. Many people are aware of the event and talking about it – it’s out there in the wider world and yet it doesn’t seem to be based anything more than some man-made dates. Quite clever really!

There are, of course, many crackpot ideas about it on the internet and as I look at the news it’s not hard to see major portents of doom.

The financial decline of Italy and Greece is coming to a head and it is being reflected on world stock markets as I write. The whole of the western world’s finances are in a state and despite attempts to shore up economies, little seems to make a difference. Many secrets have come out and influential people are having to account for them. And, as well as an asteroid coming within close range of earth, there are predictions of another great earthquake – as if the world hasn’t had enough already this year.

Disaster after disaster is talked about. And yet…I survived the Millennium meltdown. Remember the dire predictions about how all the computers would stop working? It certainly provided people with work in the IT industry. I can even remember 8.8.88 because my mum picked it for her wedding day as she believed the numbers were a lucky combination.

Hopefully, the world will survive this intense numerical combination today as it has done before. Maybe it’s time for global positive thinking.

Now that’s a PR campaign I’d like to be part of.

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