Linda Davies-Carr is one of my clients and is known as The Master Fixer. Based in Bristol, Linda works with SMEs all over the UK and internationally helping them become more efficient, more focussed and attuned to their business goals. For more information you can visit her website here –

In her own words here are Linda’s Top 10 considerations for 2018 when it comes to your business:

As we start a new year, as business owners your thoughts turn to all the things you plan to do better. Take the learning from everything that maybe didn’t go as well as planned in 2017 and how to move forward.

So having spent time in business review for 2017 (with 20% looking back and reviewing and 80% planning forward). Here’s my top five business elements to embrace and do more of, and five to avoid like the plague and run away from at breakneck speed.

Outsource outsource outsource

Do what you do best and outsource the rest. You can’t do everything and you need to focus on what you do best. If you’re sitting there and thinking you can’t afford to, my advice is you can’t afford not to.

Develop your influencer marketing strategy

Think of the old age “word of mouth” marketing brought up to date. You don’t have to be a huge name like the Kardashians but you can get savvy with using the testimonials you already have. Use their words, pop them on an image, tell the world in the words of others.

Customers are wary of traditional adverts, with only 33% of consumers trusting them –  however, 90% do trust recommendations from their peers. So develop your influencer marketing strategy and use your business reviews and testimonials. If you don’t have any or enough get in the habit of asking – it makes business sense.


Surround yourself with your 2018 epic team. The people who know more than you do. The ones who you go to for their advice, the ones who “get you” the people who have your back, the ones you call when you’re having a wobble, or you just want to have a rant and the ones you call to scream from the rooftops that you’ve pulled it off!  Talk to them often, buy them cake – shoot the breeze and love all over them.

Get clear on your business goals.

Be crystal clear on your goal. You need a goal and you need to be able an agile plan that will help you achieve your goal. You need to be able and willing to STRETCH that goal and flexible with your approach. You need to write it down and let those around you know what the goal is.

Know your Numbers

You need to know your numbers. It really matters – I love the quote by Peter Drucker “what gets managed gets measured” and its true. It’s not good enough to not know what your profit margin, revenue or net profit is. We’re in business  – decide today whether your business is a business or a hobby.


Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is a habit, it’s a bad habit and its an excuse. Indecision is a habit. Procrastination is just a modern day term for choosing to make something else a priority. It’s an active choice. A choice of avoidance. So choose to manage your time more effectively and choose to avoid using procrastination as an excuse.

Avoid inconsistency

Customer dislike inconsistency. Inconsistency of service, communication and execution. So choose to be consist in everything you do. It breeds confidence, trust and consideration.

People, customers and friends alike are happier when they know where they stand and what is expected of them. Interestingly most don’t like change. So do what you say and say what you do. Consistency has to be your best friend. Do a little bit every single day – no matter what. It’ll help you’ll be less stressed and you will feel more in control. Leaving everything to the 11th hour never helped anyone.

Don’t avoid LinkedIn

It’s a critical business resource. Its essential that you have a profile – people won’t take you seriously if you don’t! Its the “go to” place to check out your business reputation, credentials and experience. You can connect with people in your industry and in organisations you want to connect with. Your ideal customer is probably hanging out on LinkedIn, so if you’re not – you are missing a trick. So stop scrolling through Facebook looking at pictures of cute cats, or weight loss images and build business relationships and your profile on LinkedIn.

Stop scrolling stop comparing

We always compare our worst with their best. Social media is amazing but let’s be honest it’s where we can see everyone else’s achievements in all their splendid glory.

So when it comes to comparing what’s happening in our lives, it’s pretty hard when we are faced with it day in day out, scroll in scroll out.

Here’s the reality check  – YOU STILL DON’T HAVE TO COMPARE!!! Life is not a competition to who earns the most money, whose kids are doing the best at school, or who have the best grades, whose business is moving the fastest, whose got more clients an who is ‘doing better’

The fastest way to ruin your own stuff is to start comparing with other people. Think of when you start to compare and how it makes you feel?

Comparison is a choice. So choose to be smart and make an active choice not do it.

Don’t do what you don’t love

Love what you do and do what you love. Do not compromise, we spend 35+ hours a week working and 40 years of our lives working – its critical therefore that we enjoy what we do – otherwise what is the point? The great news is it’s a choice so make the right choice and do what you love.