Gay marriage is one step closer – good or bad?

Today I find myself blogging about something which can divide opinion – it’s not an issue I struggle with myself. Gay marriage is one step closer. Thank goodness. 

I must admit that when it reached the House of Lords, I didn’t imagine that the vote would pass with such a majority. The fact that it did suggests to me that the time is right – now is the time.

There are some of you who will read this post who will feel very conflicted about gay marriage – and the definition of marriage being a union between a man and a woman.

I don’t find any conflict at all.

There will be people who will think that I cannot believe in God and support gay marriage. Well, I’m afraid and I do and I do. You can argue this biblical thing or that biblical thing but I will still stand my ground. I won’t shout my corner, I will just believe in it because I feel it’s right in my heart.

Why? Well, there are several reasons. I’ve always worked in an industry where many people are gay or bi-sexual. I’ve learned through years of having friends and colleagues who are this or that way inclined that being happy and true to yourself is so important.

Too many people in the past have hidden their true sexuality and done the ‘right’ things like get married and have children only to cause pain later on. I know at least one person personally who’s done that. What good does that do in the end?

Tell me, which one is gay? Does it matter?

Tell me, which one is gay? Does it matter?

I have friends who have been in same sex partnerships for many, many years and their relationships are fantastic. So what right do I have to say they are not entitled to be married? If that’s what they want. I’m married and I cherish the relationship.

It’s crazy to me that, only a few years ago, you could have been with your same sex partner for 20 or 30 years and, if your partner died, you could be left with nothing. Where’s the justice in that?

At the weekend I watched Lincoln and the story of the political jiggery-pokery which apparently went on when he was trying to get the 13th amendment passed which made slavery illegal. The same religious arguments were put forward then as to why slavery should stay in place. Beliefs which seem utterly disgusting now. Men who really thought that the colour of skin dictated a level of superiority and that this was dictated by God – clearly.

I wonder if our children will look back and think the same of this debate now….

Calling all Americans – give up your guns!

Do you ever wonder how many more people will have to die in America before that country wakes up to its lunatic attitude to guns? 

Time to change – and bring the Constitution up to date….

As the awful news unfolded last week about the shooting of children and teachers at a school in the USA – we all watched in horror and every parent in the UK looked on in dread, thinking ‘please don’t let that ever be me…”

When will those who bang on about the American Constitution realise that when that document was drawn up – it’s intention was not to allow inadequate people to be able to gun down innocent people. It’s intention, as I read it, was to allow people to defend their own property and homes. In the UK we tend to use the phrase ‘reasonable force’.

Last night I listened to an interview with an ‘expert’ who’s written a book, He was being interviewed on Newsnight – did you see it? – talking about how a gun ban would lead to more murders. it was one of the most negative forms of logic I’ve ever heard.

He compared our aggravated burglary rate in the UK (burglaries which occur when householders are at home) with a much lower rate in the USA – because would-be burglars know that many householders have guns so they don’t take the chance. They break in when there’s no one at home.

What a lunatic argument….burglary is something which is horrible but it’s not the same as murder in cold blood. In a place where children are meant to be as safe as possible. It’s not even an appropriate comparison. It indicates to me that the gun lobby is scratching around for reasons to keep their guns.

Campaigners like Michael Moore should be heeded and I hope every parent in that school joins together to put pressure on their legal representatives to change legislation the USA and then those changes are enforced with vigour.

Stringent controls on gun ownership are necessary in order to limit the risk of these terrible events. The risk can never been completely eliminated – and there are legitimate reasons why some people should own guns – but building barriers around that ownership must lead to a safer society.

The right to bear arms is not a greater right than the right to life – come on Obama stand up to those who wield guns like they are fashion accessories and take your place in history as the President who rejected the law of the gun. 


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