Why PR?

If any of the following chimes with you – then you might want to consider public relations as part of your marketing mix.

Are you:

Worried your company is not visible  - no one knows you or your business exists?

Frustrated people don’t understand what you do – you’re always having to explain over and over again what service or product you offer?

Concerned about the fact you’re successful but you are still relatively unknown in your geographical area?

Unhappy your expertise is not being recognised or valued at a regional or national level?

Troubled by the fact you’re ready to move your business to another level through marketing but you’re unsure how to do it?

Remember, PR is not right for everyone. So you need to be clear on your business goals to make a clear judgment on whether or not, it’s the next right thing for you. I’m happy to discuss this with you to help you make that decision.

How do I approach public relations?

I’m a journalist and that’s the skill set I use to tell stories about people in and around businesses – it’s all about the people. I work alongside other journalists and will take a journalistic approach to your ‘news’.

With a long career in journalism and television, I have a broad range of contacts both locally in Wiltshire, where I’m based, but also in the south west and across the UK. I know what a story should look like and who might be interested in it – and often who would not be interested.

Alongside that I am still a working journalist today, supplying articles to local magazines, making television programmes (both factual entertainment and current affairs) and writing for specialist publications.

I take an holistic and strategic approach to PR and marketing – it’s all in the planning of the time and budget to find what works for each individual client. This is long-term strategy for growth and sales over time, it’s not a short term fix. It’s a journey taken together with commitment on both sides.  

Equally, I offer training programmes and workshops for people who want to do-it-yourself or to inhouse marketing teams who feel they could do with an injection of journalistic insight.

I work with words, pictures, video, social media – seeking to create the mix that will work for you. It’s all about content, stories and the people behind the stories, however that information is communicated.

If you want to ask me any questions at all about PR or story-telling for your business don’t hesitate to do so by signing up to my newsletter here or contact me by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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